LG V20 (LGLS997) User Manual – Page 80

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Cell Phones
Product: LG V20 (LGLS997)
Pages: 170
File size: 4 MB

Useful Apps
Customizing the camera options
You can customize a variety of camera options to suit your preferences.
on the screen.
Video resolution
Select values for aspect ratio and size for videos.
Frame rate
Select the frames per second value.
Bit rate
Select the image quality for videos.
Record a video with Hi-Fi quality sound.
Set the timer to automatically take photos after a specified
period of time.
Activate to reduce motion blur in videos.
Tracking focus
When the subject is touched, the camera tracks and
maintains focus on a moving object.
(Available when the standard camera is in use.)
Tag locations
Save the image with GPS location data.
Display guide grids to so that you can record videos based
on the horizontal and vertical reference lines.
Select if you want to store the pictures and videos in the
Internal storage or SD card.
Provide help information for each camera menu.