LG V20 (LGLS997) User Manual – Page 84

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Cell Phones
Product: LG V20 (LGLS997)
Pages: 170
File size: 4 MB

Useful Apps
Zoom in or out
You can use zoom in or out on the camera screen while taking a photo or
recording a video.
On the camera screen, pinch or spread two fingers to zoom in or out,
then use the displayed +/- slide bar.
The wide-angle camera and standard camera on the back of the device
automatically switch to take a photo or record a video.
The zoom feature is not available when using the front camera in selfie
Selfie shot
You can use the front camera to view your face on the screen and take
Gesture shot
You can take selfies by using gestures.
Show your palm to the front camera and then clench your fist.
You can also clench your fist and then open it towards the front camera.
In three seconds, a photo is taken.