LG 4.2 Cu.ft. Compact Electric Condensing Front Load Dryer (DLEC888W) User Manual – Page 19

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Dryers
Product: LG 4.2 Cu.ft. Compact Electric Condensing Front Load Dryer (DLEC888W)
Pages: 69
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Additional Functions
dditional Functions
You can only save one Custom PGM
program at a time. If you press and hold the
Custom PGM button for 3 seconds, you will
overwrite any previously stored Custom
PGM settings.
Once Custom PGM has been recalled, any of
the memorized modifiers or options can be
adjusted. However, if the Cycle Selector
Knob is rotated, Custom PGM will be
If the door is opened during the drying portion
of a cycle before Wrinkle Care has started, the
cycle will not be cancelled and Wrinkle Care
will begin as soon as the normal drying portion
of the cycle is completed.
Time Delay
The Time Delay feature allows you to have the
dryer run at a time that is more convenient, for
example when electricity rates are cheaper.
The cycle can be delayed from 3 hours up to a
maximum of 19 hours.
1. Load the dryer and close the door.
2. Press the
3. Select the desired cycle and options.
4. Press the
Time Delay
button until the
desired delay time is displayed.
5. Press the
Wrinkle Care ( )
Selecting this option will tumble the load
periodically for a few seconds without heat.
This will continue for up to 2 hours after the
selected cycle, or until the door is opened.
This prevents wrinkling of unremoved dry
items until they can be removed.
Custom PGM
If you have a special combination of settings
that you use frequently, you can save these
settings as a Custom PGM.
To Save a Custom PGM
1. Turn on the dryer.
2. Select a cycle.
3. Use the cycle modifier buttons to adjust the
settings for that cycle.
4. Set any other desired cycle options.
5. Press and hold the
Custom PGM
button for 3
seconds. You will hear two beeps to confirm
the settings have been stored.
To Recall a Custom PGM
1. Press and release the
Custom PGM
The stored settings will be displayed.
2. Press and release the Cycle Selector Knob to
start the cycle. The dryer will start