LG 4.2 Cu.ft. Compact Electric Condensing Front Load Dryer (DLEC888W) User Manual – Page 20

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Dryers
Product: LG 4.2 Cu.ft. Compact Electric Condensing Front Load Dryer (DLEC888W)
Pages: 69
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Additional Functions
dditional Functions
More Time / Less Time
More Time
Less Time
buttons can
be used to increase or decrease the dry time
when MANUAL DRY cycles are selected.
These buttons are disabled once the cycle is
- This function keeps the garments more moist
than the standard Iron dry level.
- Cotton, Mixed Fabircs and Easy Care cycles.
Damp Dry Signal
- This option causes the control to beep once
the clothes have reached a "Damp Dry Signal"
level. This can be used to alert you to remove
articles that you don't want to over dry or that
you want to have damp for easier ironing.
- Cotton, Mixed Fabircs and Easy Care cycles.
These buttons are available only with
MANUAL DRY, before you push
Start/Pause button.
Drum Light
Press the
Drum Light
button to turn on the
drum light during dryer operation. This will
allow you to more easily observe the load.
The drum light will come on any time the
door is opened.
Press the
button to adjust the volume of
the signals from high to off.
Child Lock( )
Use this option to prevent cycle settings from
being changed while the dryer is operating.
Press and hold the
Dry Level
button for 3
seconds to activate or deactivate the Child Lock
The lock icon will be shown in the display, and
all controls are disabled.
Adjusts the temperature setting from Ultra Low
to High. This allows precise care of your fabrics
and garments.
• Press the
button repeatedly to scroll
through available settings.