LG 4.2 Cu.ft. Compact Electric Condensing Front Load Dryer (DLEC888W) User Manual – Page 24

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Dryers
Product: LG 4.2 Cu.ft. Compact Electric Condensing Front Load Dryer (DLEC888W)
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Caring For Your Dryer
aring For Your Dryer
The condenser is a very important part of your dryer. This is where the moisture is removed form the air so there
is no need for an outside exhaust. If the condenser is not properly maintained, it will greatly increase energy
consumption and drying time. The condenser should be cleaned 3 or 4 times a year, or any time the
Clean Condenser( ) light blinks.
Push the tab and open the condenser
Unlock the inner plate by rotating the locking
levers on either side of the plate. Then slide
the plate out of the opening.
Carefully slide the condenser straight out of
the housing using the finger ring at the center.
Use care when handling the condenser to
prevent damage that could reduce its
Thoroughly clean the condenser by
running tap water through it from both the
ends and the sides.
Slide the clean condenser into the housing.
Make sure it is oriented as shown in the
drawing in step 3.
Insert the inner plate into the opening in front
of the condenser, then rotate the locking tabs
to lock it in place. Then close the front cover.
Sealing cover
To p
NEVER operate the dryer without the
condenser in place.
Do not operate the dryer with a dirty or
clogged condenser. Doing so will increase
energy consumption and drying times.
Handle the condenser with care. Do not use
sharp or hard objects to clean the condenser
as this could damage the condenser.
• Do not operate the dryer with a damaged
condenser. Doing so could result in leaking
which may result in property damage.
Condenser cover