LG 4.2 Cu.ft. Compact Electric Condensing Front Load Dryer (DLEC888W) User Manual – Page 27

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Dryers
Product: LG 4.2 Cu.ft. Compact Electric Condensing Front Load Dryer (DLEC888W)
Pages: 69
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Additional Tips For Smart Use
dditional Tips For Smart Use
Spare Parts
Spare parts are covered under the terms of
warranty. Components covered by warranty are
provided free of charge. If coverage is expired,
spare parts must be purchased from an
authorized service center.
Disposal of the dryer
To prevent possible injury to children, if you
dispose of this dryer you must do so safely.
Remove and dispose of the door, lid, and other
protruding parts which could cause harm. Cut off
the power cord to prevent future use. Follow
local ordinances to dispose of the dryer safely.
Service contact
If there is something wrong with your dryer, refer
to the troubleshooting table.
If the trouble persists or you still have questions,
please contact an authorized service center or
call 1-800-243-0000.
You will need to provide the service center with
the following information:
Your name, address, and ZIP code.
Your phone number.
Description of the problem.
The model number and serial number
of your dryer.
The date of purchase.
Dryer Rack
Accessory parts
Your dryer comes with accessories such as
Condensing drain hose
Hose holder
Stacking kit (2EA)
Dryer Rack (Purchased Separately)