LG E2281TR BN User Manual – Page 13

Posted on 22 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: IT Products
Product: LG E2281TR BN
Pages: 35
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Control Panel Functions
INPUT Button
Use this button to turn the display on or off.
The power indicator stays blue if the display is running
properly (On Mode). If the display is in Sleep Mode
(Energy Saving), the power indicator is red.
Power Button &
Power Indicator
(SOURCE Hot key)
Exit the OSD(On Screen Display).
EXIT Button
When two input signals at least are connected, you can
select the input signal (D-SUB/DVI/HDMI) you want. When
only one signal is connected, it is automatically detected.
The default setting is D-Sub.
Use this button to select source from input.