LG E2281TR BN User Manual – Page 30

Posted on 22 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: IT Products
Product: LG E2281TR BN
Pages: 35
File size: 2 MB

Display image is incorrect

The screen color is
mono or abnormal.

The screen blinks.
Check if the signal cable is properly connected
and use a screwdriver to fasten if necessary.
Make sure the video card is properly inserted in
the slot.
Set the color setting higher than 24 bits (true color)
Control Panel - Settings
Check if the screen is set to interlace mode and if
yes, change it to the recommend resolution.
Do you see an "Unrecognized monitor, Plug&Play (VESA
DDC) monitor found" message?

Have you installed the
display driver?
Be sure to install the display driver from the display
driver CD (or diskette) that comes with your
display. Or, you can also download the driver from
our web site: http://www.lg.com.
Make sure to check if the video card supports
Plug&Play function.
The Audio function is not working

Picture OK & No sound.
Check whether volume is "0".
Check sound muted.
HDMI cable installed properly.
Head phone cable installed properly.
Check sound format. Not supply to compressed
sound format.