LG 24 Cu. Ft. Smart Wi-fi Enabled French Door Counter-depth Refrigerator (LRFXC2406D) User Manual – Page 22

Posted on 13 Aug, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Refrigerators
Product: LG 24 Cu. Ft. Smart Wi-fi Enabled French Door Counter-depth Refrigerator (LRFXC2406D)
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Water Pressure
You will need a cold water supply.
If the water pressure from the reverse osmosis
system is less than 20 psi or 138 kPa or 1.4 kgf/cm
(takes more than 4 seconds to fill a cup of 7 oz or
198 cc capacity):
• Check to see if the sediment filter in the reverse
osmosis system is blocked. Replace the filter if
• Allow the storage tank on the reverse osmosis
system to refill after heavy usage.
• If the water pressure remains low, call a
licensed, qualified plumber.
• All installations must be in accordance with local
plumbing code requirements.
Supplies Needed
Copper or PEX Tubing,
¼ in. outer diameter, to
connect the refrigerator to the water supply. Be
sure both ends of the tubing are cut square. To
determine how much tubing you need, measure
the distance from the water valve on the back of
the refrigerator to the water supply pipe. Then,
add 8 feet (2.4 m). Be sure there is sufficient
extra tubing (about 8 feet [2.4 m] coiled into 3
turns of about 10 in. [25 cm] diameter) to allow
the refrigerator to move out from the wall after
Power drill.
½ in. or adjustable wrench.
Flat-blade and Phillips-head screwdrivers.
Two ¼ in. outer diameter compression nuts
and 2 ferrules (sleeves)
to connect the copper
tubing to the shutoff valve and the refrigerator
water valve.
• If your existing copper water line has a flared
fitting at the end, purchase an adapter (available
at plumbing supply stores) to connect the water
line to the refrigerator OR cut off the flared
fitting with a tube cutter and then use a
compression fitting.
• Shutoff valve to connect to the cold water line.
The shutoff valve should have a water inlet with
a minimum inside diameter of 5/32 in. at the
point of connection to the COLD WATER LINE.
Saddle-type shutoff valves are included in many
water supply kits. Before purchasing, make sure
a saddle-type valve complies with your local
plumbing codes.
• A self-piercing saddle type water valve should
not be used.
Water Line Installation Instructions
• When using any electrical device (such as a
power drill) during installation, be sure the
device is battery-powered, double-insulated or
grounded in a manner that will prevent the
hazard of electric shock.
Install the shutoff valve on the nearest frequently
used drinking water line.
Water Pressure
models with water
20 - 120 psi
(138 - 827 kPa)
where reverse
osmosis water
filtration system is
connected to a cold
water supply
40 - 60 psi minimum to
reverse osmosis system
(2.8 kgf/cm
- 4.2 kgf/cm
or less than 2 - 3 seconds to
fill a cup of 7 oz capacity)