LG Full HD 42LF652V User Manual – Page 12

Posted on 23 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: Sound
Product: LG Full HD 42LF652V
Pages: 292
File size: 24 MB

When installing the wall mounting bracket, use the Adhesive
Label. The Adhesive Label will protect the opening from
accumulating dust and dirt. (Only when the item of the following
form is provided)
Provided Item
Adhesive Label
When attaching a wall mounting bracket to the TV, insert the wall
mount spacers into the TV wall mount holes to adjust the vertical
angle of the TV. (Only when the item of the following form is
Provided Item
Wall Mount Spacer
Connections (noti!cations)
Connect various external devices to the TV and switch input modes to
select an external device. For more information of external device’s
connection, refer to the manual provided with each device.
Available external devices are: HD receivers, DVD players, VCRs, audio
systems, USB storage devices, PC, gaming devices, and other external
The external device connection may di"er from the model.
Connect external devices to the TV regardless of the order of the
TV port.
If you record a TV program on a DVD recorder or VCR, make sure to
connect the TV signal input cable to the TV through a DVD recorder
or VCR. For more information of recording, refer to the manual
provided with the connected device.
Refer to the external equipment’s manual for operating
If you connect a gaming device to the TV, use the cable supplied
with the gaming device.
In PC mode, there may be noise associated with the resolution,
vertical pattern, contrast or brightness. If noise is present, change
the PC output to another resolution, change the refresh rate to
another rate or adjust the brightness and contrast on the PICTURE
menu until the picture is clear.
In PC mode, some resolution settings may not work properly
depending on the graphics card.
Antenna connection
Connect the TV to a wall antenna socket with an RF cable (75 Ω).
Use a signal splitter to use more than 2 TVs.
If the image quality is poor, install a signal ampli!er properly to
improve the image quality.
If the image quality is poor with an antenna connected, try to
realign the antenna in the correct direction.
An antenna cable and converter are not supplied.
Supported DTV Audio: MPEG, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus,
Satellite dish connection
(Only satellite models)
Connect the TV to a satellite dish to a satellite socket with a satellite RF
cable (75 Ω).
CI module connection
(Depending on model)
View the encrypted (pay) services in digital TV mode.
Check if the CI module is inserted into the PCMCIA card slot in the
right direction. If the module is not inserted properly, this can
cause damage to the TV and the PCMCIA card slot.
If the TV does not display any video and audio when CI+ CAM is
connected, please contact to the Terrestrial/Cable/Satellite Service
Euro scart connection
(Depending on model)
Transmits the video and audio signals from an external device to the
TV set. Connect the external device and the TV set with the euro scart
cable as shown.