LG 42LK530N User Manual – Page 128

Posted on 22 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: TV / Audio / Video
Product: LG 42LK530N
Pages: 142
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Mozilla Public License 1.1 (MPL 1.1)
1. Definitions.
1.0.1. “Commercial Use”
means distribution or otherwise making the Covered Code available to a third party.
1.1. ‘’Contributor’’
means each entity that creates or contributes to the creation of Modifications.
1.2. ‘’Contributor Version’’
means the combination of the Original Code, prior Modifications used by a Contributor, and the Modifications made by
that particular Contributor.
1.3. ‘’Covered Code’’
means the Original Code or Modifications or the combination of the Original Code and Modifications, in each case
including portions thereof.
1.4. ‘’Electronic Distribution Mechanism’’
means a mechanism generally accepted in the software development community for the electronic transfer of data.
1.5. ‘’Executable’’
means Covered Code in any form other than Source Code.
1.6. ‘’Initial Developer’’
means the individual or entity identified as the Initial Developer in the Source Code notice required by Exhibit A.
1.7. ‘’Larger Work’’
means a work which combines Covered Code or portions thereof with code not governed by the terms of this License.
1.8. ‘’License’’
means this document.
1.8.1. “Licensable”
means having the right to grant, to the maximum extent possible, whether at the time of the initial grant or subsequently
acquired, any and all of the rights conveyed herein.
1.9. ‘’Modifications’’
means any addition to or deletion from the substance or structure of either the Original Code or any previous
Modifications. When Covered Code is released as a series of files, a Modification
(a) Any addition to or deletion from the contents of a file containing Original Code or previous Modifications.
(b) Any new file that contains any part of the Original Code or previous Modifications.
1.10. ‘’Original Code’’
means Source Code of computer software code which is described in the Source Code notice required by Exhibit A as
Original Code, and which, at the time of its release under this License is not already Covered Code governed by this
1.10.1. “Patent Claims”
means any patent claim(s), now owned or hereafter acquired, including without limitation, method, process, and appara
tus claims, in any patent Licensable by grantor.
1.11. ‘’Source Code’’