LG 70UK6570AUB User Manual – Page 11

Posted on 23 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: TV / Audio / Video
Product: LG 70UK6570AUB
Pages: 39
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Using Magic Remote Control
(Depending upon model)
The descriptions in this manual are based on the buttons on the remote
control. Please read this manual carefully and use the
TV correctly.
When the message
“Magic remote battery is low. Please change the
is displayed, replace the batteries.
To install batteries, open the battery cover, replace batteries (1.5
matching the
ends to the label inside the compartment,
and close the battery cover. Be sure to point the magic remote toward
the remote control sensor on the
TV. To remove the batteries, perform
the installation actions in reverse.
This remote uses infrared light.
in use, it should be pointed in the direction of the
TV’s remote sensor.
(Some buttons and services may not be provided depending upon
models or regions.)
To use the button, press and hold for more than 3 seconds.
Turns the
TV on or off.
You can turn your set-top box on or off by adding the set-
top box to the universal remote control for your
Number buttons
Enters numbers.
- (Dash)
Inserts a dash between numbers such as 2-1 and 2-2.
Accesses the saved channel list.
(Screen Remote)
Displays the Screen Remote.
Accesses the Universal Control Menu in some regions.
(Screen Remote)
SAP (Secondary Audio Program) Feature can
be enabled by pressing the key.
You can access the application or Live
TV channel by
using the number buttons as registered.
Adjusts the volume level.
Mutes all sounds.
Accesses the
Scrolls through the saved channels.
(Voice recognition)
Network connection is required to use the voice recognition function.
Once the voice display bar is activated on the
TV screen, press and hold
the button and speak your command out loud.
Accesses the Home menu.
Shows the previous history.
Wheel (OK)
Press the center of the
Wheel button to select a
You can change channels by using the
Wheel button.
Press the up, down, left or right
button to scroll the menu. If you press
buttons while the
pointer is in use, the pointer will disappear from the screen and Magic
Remote will operate like a general remote control.
To display the
pointer on the screen again, shake Magic Remote to the left and right.
Returns to the previous level.
Clears on-screen displays and returns to last input viewing.
Displays the program event according to time scheduler.
Streaming Service buttons
Connects to the
Streaming Service.
Changes the input source.
Displays all the lists of external inputs.
(Q. Settings)
Accesses the Quick Settings.
(Q. Settings)
Displays the
All Settings
These access special functions in some menus.
Control buttons for media contents
By zooming in on the selected area, you can view it in
full screen.
* You can zoom in on the area where the remote control is