LG 70UK6570AUB User Manual – Page 12

Posted on 23 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: TV / Audio / Video
Product: LG 70UK6570AUB
Pages: 39
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Registering Magic Remote Control
How to register the Magic Remote Control
To use the Magic Remote, first pair it with your
Put batteries into the Magic Remote and turn the
TV on.
Point the Magic Remote at your
TV and press the
Wheel (OK)
the remote control.
If the TV fails to register
the Magic
try again
the TV off and back on.
How to deregister the Magic Remote Control
Press the
buttons at the same time, for five
seconds, to unpair the Magic Remote with your
and holding
will let you cancel
and re-
at the same
Do not mix new batteries with old batteries.
This may
cause the batteries to overheat and leak.
Failure to match the correct polarities of the battery
may cause the battery to burst or leak, resulting in fire,
personal injury, or ambient pollution.
This apparatus uses batteries. In your community there
might be regulations that require you to dispose of these
batteries properly due to environmental considerations.
Please contact your local authorities for disposal or
recycling information.
Batteries inside or inside the product shall not be exposed
to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.
Cannot control the
TV with the remote control.
Check if anything such as tape has been placed over the receiver.
Check if there is any obstacle between the product and the remote
Replace the batteries with new fresh ones.
No image display and no sound is produced.
Check if the product is turned on.
Check if the power cord is connected to a wall outlet.
Check if there is a problem in the wall outlet by connecting other
The TV turns off suddenly.
Check the power control settings.
The power supply may be
Check if the auto-off function is activated in the settings menu.
If there is no signal while the
TV is on, the
TV will turn off
automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.
Abnormal Display
If the
TV feels cold to the touch, there may be a small flicker when
it is turned on.
This is normal; there is nothing wrong with
Some minute dot defects may be visible on the screen, appearing
as tiny red, green, or blue spots. However, they have no adverse
effect on the
TV’s performance. Avoid touching the LCD screen or
holding your finger(s) against it for long periods of time. Doing so
may produce some temporary distortion effects on the screen.
This panel is an advanced product that contains millions of pixels.
In a very few cases, you could see fine dots on the screen while
you’re viewing the
TV. Those dots are deactivated pixels and do not
affect the performance and reliability of the
Displaying a still image for a prolonged period of time may cause
an image sticking. Avoid displaying a fixed image on the
TV screen
for a extended length of time.