LG 70UK6570AUB User Manual – Page 18

Posted on 23 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: TV / Audio / Video
Product: LG 70UK6570AUB
Pages: 39
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Never place a television set in an unstable location. A television set may
fall, causing serious personal injury or death. Many injuries, particularly
to children, can be avoided by taking simple precautions such as:
Using cabinets or stands recommended by the manufacturer of the
television set.
Only using furniture that can safely support the television set.
Ensuring the television set is not overhanging the edge of the
supporting furniture.
Not placing the television set on tall furniture (for example,
cupboards or bookcases) without anchoring both the furniture and
the television set to a suitable support.
Not placing the television set on cloth or other materials that may
be located between the television set and supporting furniture.
Educating children about the dangers of climbing on furniture to
reach the television set or its controls.
If your existing television set is being retained and relocated, the same
considerations as above should be applied.
Refers to alternating current (AC).
Refers to direct current (DC).
Refers to class II equipment.
Refers to stand-by.
Refers to
“ON” (power).
Refers to dangerous voltage.