LG 70UK6570AUB User Manual – Page 7

Posted on 23 Sep, 2019
Manufacturer: LG
Category: TV / Audio / Video
Product: LG 70UK6570AUB
Pages: 39
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Do not apply foreign substances (oils, lubricants, etc.) to
the screw parts when assembling the product.
(Doing so may damage the product.)
If you install the
TV on a stand, you need to take actions
to prevent the product from overturning. Otherwise, the
product may fall over, which may cause injury.
Do not use any unapproved items to ensure the safety and
product life span.
Any damage or injuries caused by using unapproved items
are not covered by the warranty.
Make sure that the screws are fastened tightly. (If they
are not fastened securely enough, the
TV may tilt forward
after being installed.)
Do not fasten the screws with excessive force otherwise
they may strip and become loose.
Securing TV to the Wall
(Depending upon model)
Insert and tighten the eye-bolts, or
TV brackets and bolts on the back
of the
If there are bolts inserted at the eye-bolts position, remove the
bolts first.
Mount the wall brackets with the bolts to the wall.
Match the location of the wall bracket and the eye-bolts on the rear
of the
Connect the eye-bolts and wall brackets tightly with a sturdy rope.
Make sure to keep the rope horizontal with the flat surface.
Use a platform or cabinet that is strong and large enough to
support the
TV securely.
Brackets, bolts and ropes are not provided.
You can obtain
additional accessories from your local dealer.
Mounting to the Wall
An optional wall mount can be used with your LG
Television. Consult
with your local dealer for a wall mount that supports the
standard used by your
TV model. Carefully attach the wall mount
bracket at the rear of the
TV. Install the wall mount bracket on a solid
wall perpendicular to the floor. If you are attaching the
TV to other
building materials, please contact qualified personnel to install the
wall mount. Detailed instructions will be included with the wall mount.
We recommend that you use an LG brand wall mount.
The LG wall
mount is easy to adjust or to connect the cables.
When you do not use
LG’s wall mount bracket, use a wall mount bracket where the device is
adequately secured to the wall with enough space to allow connectivity
to external devices. If you are using a non-adjustable mount, attach the
mount to the wall. Attach the cables to the
TV first, then attach the
to the mount.
10 cm
10 cm (4 inches)
10 cm
10 cm
10 cm
(Depending upon model)
Remove the stand before installing the
TV on a wall
mount by performing the stand attachment in reverse.
For more information of screws and wall mount bracket,
refer to the Separate purchase.
If you intend to mount the product to a wall, attach
standard mounting interface (optional parts) to the back
of the product.
When you install the set to use the wall
mounting bracket (optional parts), fix it carefully so as
not to drop.
When mounting a
TV on the wall, make sure not to install
the TV by hanging the power and signal cables on the
back of the
Do not install this product on a wall if it could be exposed
to oil or oil mist.
This may damage the product and cause
it to fall.