Makita 5" Sjsii High-power Angle Grinder Instruction Manual – Page 10

Posted on 11 Jun, 2019
Manufacturer: Makita
Category: Angle Grinders
Product: Makita 5" Sjsii High-power Angle Grinder
Model Number: GA5042C
Pages: 48
File size: 2 MB

It should never be necessary to force the tool. The
weight of the tool applies adequate pressure.
Forcing and excessive pressure could cause
dangerous wheel breakage.
ALWAYS replace wheel if tool is dropped while
NEVER bang or hit grinding disc or wheel onto
Avoid bouncing and snagging the wheel, especially
when working corners, sharp edges etc. This can
cause loss of control and kickback.
NEVER use tool with wood cutting blades and other
saw blades. Such blades when used on a grinder
frequently kick and cause loss of control leading to
personal injury.
Never switch on the tool when it is in contact with
the workpiece, it may cause an injury to operator.
Always wear safety goggles or a face shield during
After operation, always switch off the tool and wait
until the wheel has come to a complete stop before
putting the tool down.
Grinding and sanding operation
ALWAYS hold the tool firmly with one hand on housing
and the other on the side handle. Turn the tool on and
then apply the wheel or disc to the workpiece.
In general, keep the edge of the wheel or disc at an angle
of about 15
to the workpiece surface.
During the break-in period with a new wheel, do not work
the grinder in the B direction or it will cut into the
workpiece. Once the edge of the wheel has been
rounded off by use, the wheel may be worked in both A
and B direction.