Makita 18v Lxt Lithium-ion Compact Brushless Cordless 1/2" Driver-drill Kit (5.0ah) Instruction Manual – Page 8

Posted on 11 Jun, 2019
Manufacturer: Makita
Category: Driver-Drills
Product: Makita 18v Lxt Lithium-ion Compact Brushless Cordless 1/2" Driver-drill Kit (5.0ah)
Model Number: XFD12T
Pages: 20
File size: 4 MB

Installing driver bit holder
Optional accessory
Driver bit holder
Driver bit
Fit the driver bit holder into the protrusion at the tool foot
on either right or left side and secure it with a screw.
When not using the driver bit, keep it in the driver bit
holders. Driver bits 45 mm-long (1-3/4") can be kept
Always insert the battery cartridge
all the way until it locks in place.
If you can see the
red indicator on the upper side of the button, it is not
locked completely. Insert it fully until the red indicator
cannot be seen. If not, it may accidentally fall out of
the tool, causing
injury to you or someone
When the speed comes down
extremely, reduce the load or stop the tool to
avoid the tool damage.
Hold the tool firmly with one hand on the grip and the
other hand on the bottom of the battery cartridge to
control the twisting action.
Screwdriving operation
Adjust the adjusting ring to the
proper torque level for your work.
Make sure that the driver bit is
inserted straight in the screw head, or the screw
and/or driver bit may be damaged.
Place the point of the driver bit in the screw head and
apply pressure to the tool. Start the tool slowly and then
increase the speed gradually. Release the switch trigger
as soon as the clutch cuts in.
When driving wood screw, pre-drill a pilot hole
2/3 the diameter of the screw. It makes driving easier
and prevents splitting of the workpiece.
Drilling operation
First, turn the adjusting
ring so that the arrow points to
Then proceed
as follows.
Drilling in wood
When drilling in wood, the best results are obtained
with wood drills equipped
with a guide screw. The guide
screw makes drilling easier by pulling the drill bit into
the workpiece.
Drilling in metal
To prevent
the drill bit from slipping
when starting
hole, make an indentation with a center-punch and
hammer at the point to be drilled. Place the point of the
drill bit in the indentation and start drilling.
Use a cutting
when drilling
The excep
tions are iron and brass which should be drilled dry.
Pressing excessively on the tool
will not speed up the drilling.
In fact, this excessive
pressure will only serve to damage the tip of your drill
bit, decrease the tool performance and shorten the
service life of the tool.
Hold the tool firmly and exert care
when the drill bit begins to break through the
is a tremendous
force exerted
the tool/drill bit at the time of hole break through.
A stuck drill bit can be removed
simply by setting the reversing switch to reverse
rotation in order to back out. However, the tool
may back out abruptly if you do not hold it firmly.
Always secure workpieces in a
vise or similar hold-down device.
If the tool is operated continuously
until the battery cartridge has discharged, allow
the tool to rest for 15 minutes before proceeding
with a fresh battery.