Metabo SPA 1200 User Manual – Page 17

Posted on 15 Jun, 2019
Manufacturer: Metabo
Category: Chip And Dust Extraction Units
Product: Metabo SPA 1200
Pages: 200
File size: 20 MB

– Reading the operat-
ing instructions will reduce the
risk of injury.
WARNING - Read all safety warnings
and instructions.
Failure to follow all
safety warnings and instructions may re-
sult in electric shock, fire and/or serious
Keep all safety instructions and in-
formation for future reference.
on your power tool only together with
these documents.
– These instructions are intended for
persons having a basic technical
knowledge of the operation of ma-
chines such as the one described
herein. If you have no experience
whatsoever, we strongly recom-
mend to seek the advise of an expe-
rienced person.
– The equipment manufacturer is not
liable for any damage resulting from
neglect of these operating instruc-
Information in these operating instruc-
tions is categorised as shown below:
Risk of pers
onal injury
or environmental dam-
Risk of electric shock!
Risk of pers
onal injury
by electric shock.
Risk of pers
onal injury
by body parts or cloth-
ing being drawn into the
rotating saw blade.
Warning against proper-
ty damage.
Additional information.
Specified Use
This machine is intended for ripping and
crosscutting grown timber, faced
boards, chip board and wood-core ply-
wood sheets, and si
milar wood-derived
Metals can only be cut with the following
– With suitable saw blade only
(see “Available Accessories”)
– Non-ferrous metals only
(no hard or hardened metals)
Do not cut round stock without suitable
jigs or fixtures. The rotating saw blade
could turn the workpiece.
When sawing thin stoc
k laid on its edge,
a suitable guide must be used for firm
The tool must not be used for grooving
and slot cutting without a suitable guard.
Do not use circular saws for slitting
(groove ended in workpiece)
Any other use is considered to be not as
specified and not allowed. The manu-
facturer is not liable for any damage
caused by unspecified use.
Modification of the machine or use of
parts not approved
by the equipment
manufacturer can cause unforeseeable
General safety instruc-
When using power tools, the
following basic safety measures must
be taken to protect against electric
shock, other injury or fire.
When using this tool observe the fol-
lowing safety instructions, to exclude
the risk of personal injury or material
Please also observe the special
safety instructions in the respective
Where applicable, follow the legal
directives or regulations for the pre-
vention of accidents pertaining to
the use of circular saws.
General hazards!
Keep your work area tidy – a messy
work area invites accidents.
Be alert. Know what you are doing.
Set out to work with reason. Do not
operate tool while under the influ-
ence of drugs, alcohol or medica-
Consider environmental conditions:
keep work area well lighted.
Prevent adverse body positions. En-
sure firm footing and keep your bal-
ance at all times.
Use suitable workpiece supports
when cutting long stock.
Never use power tools in areas
where there is a risk of fire or explo-
The saw shall only be started and
operated by persons familiar with
circular saws and who are at any
time aware of the
dangers associat-
ed with the operation of such tool.
Persons under 18 years of age shall
use this tool only in the course of
their vocational training, under the
supervision of an instructor.
Keep bystanders, particularly chil-
dren, out of the da
nger zone. Do not
permit other persons to touch the
tool or power cable while it is run-
Do not overload tool – use it only
within the performance range it was
designed for (see “Technical Speci-
Danger! Risk of
electric shock!
Do not expose tool to rain.
Do not operate tool in damp or wet
Prevent body contact with earthed
objects such as radiators, pipes,
cooking stoves, refrigerators when
operating this tool.
Do not use the power cable for pur-
poses it is not intended for.
Risk of person
al injury and
crushing by moving parts!
Do not operate the tool without in-
stalled guards.
Always keep sufficient distance to
the saw blade. Use suitable feeding
aids, if necessary. Keep sufficient
distance to driven components
when operating the power tool.
Wait for the saw blade to come to a
complete stop before removing cut-
offs, scrap, etc. from the work area.
Do not attempt to stop the saw blade
by pushing the workpiece against its
Ensure the tool is disconnected from
power before servicing.
Ensure that when switching on (e.g.
after servicing) no tools or loose
parts are left on or in the tool.
Please Read First!