Metabo SPA 1200 User Manual – Page 19

Posted on 15 Jun, 2019
Manufacturer: Metabo
Category: Chip And Dust Extraction Units
Product: Metabo SPA 1200
Pages: 200
File size: 20 MB

Safety symbol
Failure to observe the
following warnings can
result in serious injury
or damage to property.
Read the operating instruc-
Never place hands into
running saw blade.
Wear protective goggles
ear protectors.
Never operate the tool in a
damp or wet environment.
Safety devices
Riving knife
The riving knife
prevents the work-
piece from being caught by the rising
teeth of the saw blad
e and being thrown
against the operator.
Always have the riving knife installed
during operation.
Blade guard
The blade guard
protects against
unintentional contact with the saw blade
and from chips flying about.
Always have blade guard installed dur-
ing operation.
Push stick
The push stick
serves as an exten-
sion of the hand and protects against
accidental contact with the saw blade.
Always use push stick if distance be-
tween saw blade and rip fence is less
than 120 mm.
Guide the push stick at an angle of 20°
... 30° against the saw table's surface.
If the push stick is not used, it has to be
stored with the machine.
Replace push stick if damaged.
Ensure firm footing and keep
your balance at all times.
Installation without machine stand:
1. Lift saw with two persons out of
2. Place saw down on stable table or
work bench.
3. Bolt saw firmly onto table or work
Installation with machine stand:
1. Lift tool with two persons out of
2. Place tool on ground.
3. Lift tool by handles and set up on
4. Pull out handles
, turn them and
engage them.
5. Fold out the two table legs. To do
this, press the red turning lever
downwards (with your foot or hand)
and swing down the table legs.
6. Tilt the tool slightly to the rear and
press down both table legs. The red
turning levers
must engage.
7. Fold out the upper two table legs. To
do this, push the red turning lever
to the right and swing the table
legs downwards.
The red turning levers must engage.
8. Hold the saw round the centre of the
upper frame. Pull up saw and set
down. (Hold adjustable base in posi-
tion with foot to prevent slipping of
the saw during installation).
CE-mark – This machine con-
forms to the EC directives as per
Declaration of Conformity
Waste disposal symbol – the
machine can be disposed of
through the manufacturer
Year of manufacture
Dimensions of permissible saw