Metabo SPA 1200 User Manual – Page 21

Posted on 15 Jun, 2019
Manufacturer: Metabo
Category: Chip And Dust Extraction Units
Product: Metabo SPA 1200
Pages: 200
File size: 20 MB

Check with your local Electricity
Board or electrician if in doubt
whether your house service connec-
tion meets these requirements.
Position power supply cable so it
does not interfere with the work
and is not damaged.
Protect power supply cable from
heat, aggressive liquids and
sharp edges.
Use only rubber-jacketed exten-
sion cables with sufficient lead
cross-section (see “Technical
When working out of doors, only
use extension cables that are
also approved for outdoors.
Do not pull on power supply ca-
ble to unplug.
Avoid accidental start-up: en-
sure that the on/off switch is
switched off when inserting the
plug in the socket.
Risk of injury!
This saw may only be operated by
one person at a time. Other persons
shall stay only at a distance to the
saw for the purpose of feeding or re-
moving stock.
Before starting work, check to see
that the following are in proper
working order:
– power cable and plug
– ON/OFF switch
– riving knife
– blade guard
– feeding aids (push stick, push
block and handle).
Use personal protection gear:
–dust respirator;
– hearing protection;
–safety goggles.
Assume proper operating position:
– at the front of the saw;
– in front of the saw;
– to the left of the line of cut;
– when working with two persons,
the other person must remain at
an adequate distance to the saw.
If the type of work requires, use the
– suitable workpiece supports – if
otherwise workpiece would fall
off the table after cutting;
–dust collector.
Avoid typical operator mistakes:
– Do not attempt to stop the saw
blade by pushing the workpiece
against its side. Risk of kickback.
– Always hold the workpiece down
on the table and do not jam it.
Risk of kickback.
– Never cut several workpieces at
the same time – and also no bun-
dles containing several individu-
al pieces. Risk of personal injury
if individual pieces are caught by
the saw blade uncontrolled.
Drawing-in/trapping hazard!
Never cut stock to which ropes,
cords, strings, cables or wires are
attached or which contain such ma-
Dust collector / universal
vacuum cleaner
Dust of certain timber species (e.g.
beech, oak, ash) can cause cancer
when inhaled. Use suitable dust col-
lector when work
ing in enclosed
The dust collector must
meet the following requirements:
– fits the diameter
of the dust ex-
traction ports (blade guard
38 mm; chip case 35/44 mm);
air flow volume
460 m
vacuum at dust ex
traction port of
530 Pa;
air speed at dust extraction port
of saw
20 m/ s.
The dust extraction ports are located at
the chip case assembly and at the saw
blade guard.
Observe the dust collector's operating
instructions as well!
Operation without a dust collector is
only possible out of doors.
Setting the depth of cut
Parts of the body or objects in the
setting range can be caught by the
running saw blade! Set depth of cut
only with saw blade at standstill!
The saw blade's cutting depth needs to
be adapted to the workpiece height: the
blade guard shall rest with its front edge
on the workpiece.
Adjust depth of cut by turning the
as required.
To compensate for possible play in
the blade height setting mecha-
nism, always raise the blade to the
desired position.
Setting the saw blade tilt
Parts of the body or objects in the
setting range can be caught by the
running saw blade! Set the depth of
cut only with the saw blade at stand-
The blade bevel angle can be adjusted
between -1.5° and 46.5°.
1. Release lock lever
2. Set required saw blade tilt.