Metabo SPA 1200 User Manual – Page 23

Posted on 15 Jun, 2019
Manufacturer: Metabo
Category: Chip And Dust Extraction Units
Product: Metabo SPA 1200
Pages: 200
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piece clamps later. Tighten the nut so
that th
Setting mitre fence
The mitre fence
is inserted into the
table slot from the table’s front edge.
For mitre cuts the mitre fence turns to
60° in both directions.
For 45° and 90° mitres positive stops
are provided.
To set a mitre angle: loosen locking
by turning it counter-clock-
Risk of injury!
When cutting with the mitre fence
the handle must be firmly tightened.
The auxiliary fence extrusion can be
taken off and reversed after loosening
knurled nut
Adjusting table side
The table side extension extends the
supporting surface, providing safe sup-
port for larger workpieces.
For table side extension adjustment,
the lock lever
must be released.
Risk of injury!
When cutting, the handle must al-
ways be firmly tightened.
Scale reading when using the rip
On which scale the cutting width is read
depends on how the fence extrusion is
installed on the rip fence:
– Wide edge =
scale with black numerals on white
– Small edge =
scale with white numerals on black
For small cutting widths the table side
extension is not extended. The cuttings
width is read on the respective right-
hand scale at the rip fence's pointer:
– Wide edge: cutting width from 0 to
35 cm.
– Small edge: cutting width from 0 to
29.5 cm.
If larger stock is to be cut, the table side
extension needs to be extended.
1. Shift rip fence to the end position on
the scale.
2. Pull out table side extension and set
rip fence to desired cutting width.
The cuttings width is read on the re-
spective left-hand scale at the
scale's pointer.
Adjusting table extension
The table extension extends the sup-
porting surface, providing safe support
for larger workpieces.
1. To pull out the table extension, both
knurled screws
must be re-
2. Withdraw table extension and set to
desired distance.
3. Retighten both knurled screws.
Always use push st
ick if distance
between saw blade and rip fence is
less than 120 mm.
Straight cut
1. Set blade tilt and lock in position.
2. Set depth of cut. The blade guard
must rest with its front edge on the
3. Adjust rip fence.
4. Start saw.
5. Push workpiece in a steady motion
towards the rear and cut in a single
6. Switch machine off if no further cut-
ting is to be done immediately after-
Mitre cuts
1. The mitre fence is inserted into the
table slot from the table’s front edge.
2. Set desired angle after loosening the
mitre fence's locking handle
and retighten locking handle.
3. Adjust lateral distance between aux-
iliary fence and saw blade:
Release knurled nut and move
auxiliary fence as required.
Tighten knurled nut.
4. Hold workpiece firmly against mitre