Metabo SPA 1200 User Manual – Page 26

Posted on 15 Jun, 2019
Manufacturer: Metabo
Category: Chip And Dust Extraction Units
Product: Metabo SPA 1200
Pages: 200
File size: 20 MB

Every time the machine is switched
Check whether the saw blade overrun
exceeds 10 seconds; if the overrun is
longer than this, have the motor re-
placed by a qualified electrician.
Monthly (if used daily)
Remove saw dust and chips with vacu-
um or brush; apply light coat of oil to
guide elements:
– threaded rod and guide rods of
blade rise and fall mechanism:
–swivel segments.
Every 150 hours of operation
Check all screwed joints, retighten if
If necessary:
Set table leg guide bushings.
Turn Allen screws
clockwise =
guide sluggish.
Turn Allen screws
clockwise = guide moves easily.
Further fine adjustment by means of
a setscrew
Setting guide bushings on front leg
Turn Allen screws
clockwise =
guide sluggish.
Turn Allen screws
clockwise = guide moves easily.
Setting guide bushings on rear leg
Turn Allen screws
clockwise =
guide sluggish.
Turn Allen screws
clockwise = guide moves easily.
Tighten all Allen screws diagonally
and evenly.
Before cutting a workpiece to size
make trial cuts on pieces of scrap.
Always place a workpiece on the saw
table in such way that
it cannot tilt or
rock (e.g. always place a curved
board on the table with the convex
side up).
To simplify repetitive cut-off work
use a stock stop.
Keep surface of table clean.
Use only genuine Metabo accessories.
Use only accessories that fulfil the re-
quirements and specifications listed in
these operating instructions.
For a complete range of accessories,
or the catalogue.
For safety reasons, repairs to power
tools must be carried out by quali-
fied electricians on
ly using original
spare parts!
If you have Metabo electrical tools that
require repairs, please contact your Me-
tabo service centre.
For addresses see
You can download spare parts lists from
Power tools do not belong in
the household rubbish.
According to European Di-
rective 2002/96/EC on waste
electrical and electronic
equipment, used electrical devices must
be collected separately and taken to an
environmentally friendly recycling ?facil-
Contact your local council for informa-
tion on disposal of the used tool.
All packaging materials are recyclable.
Before carrying out any fault service
or maintenance work, always:
1. switch machine off.
2. unplug mains cable.
3. wait for saw blade to come to
Check that all safety devices are op-
erational again after each fault ser-
Motor does not run
The restart protection is active. If the
mains plug is inserted with the machine
switched on, or if the current supply is
restored following an interruption, the
machine does not start up:
Switch the mach
ine off and on
No mains voltage
Check cables, plug, outlet and
mains fuse.
Motor overheated, e.g. by a blunt saw
blade or chip build-up in the chip case:
Remove cause for overheating, let
cool off for a few minutes. Then re-
start machine.
Speed is not reached
Overload protection: There is a MAJOR
reduction in load speed.
The motor temperature is too high!
Allow the machine to run at idle
speed until it has cooled down.
Overload protection: There is a SLIGHT
reduction in load speed.
Tips and Tricks
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11. Repairs
12. Disposal
13. Troubleshooting