Philips Electric shaver (HQ7350/17) User Manual – Page 6

Posted on 25 Dec, 2019
Manufacturer: Philips
Category: FACE Shavers
Product: Philips Electric shaver (HQ7350/17)
Pages: 180
File size: 5 MB

Be careful with hot water. Always check if the
water is not too hot, to prevent your hands from
getting burnt.
Note: Water may leak from the socket at the bottom of
the appliance when you rinse it. This is normal and not
Every day: shaving unit and hair chamber
Switch off the shaver, remove the powerplug
from the wall socket and pull the appliance plug
out of the shaver.
Press the release button to open the shaving
Clean the shaving unit and the hair chamber by
rinsing them under a hot tap for some time.
Make sure you clean the inside as well as the
outside of the shaving unit.
Close the shaving unit and shake off excess
Never dry the shaving unit with a towel or tissue,
as this may damage the shaving heads.
Open the shaving unit again and leave it open
to let the appliance dry completely.
You can also clean the hair chamber without water
by using the brush supplied.