Philips GoGEAR MP3 player (SA018102B/02) User Manual – Page 3

Posted on 25 Dec, 2019
Manufacturer: Philips
Category: Portable audio
Product: Philips GoGEAR MP3 player (SA018102B/02)
Pages: 21
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Hearing Safety
Listen at a moderate volume:
Using headphones at a high volume can impair
your hearing. This product can produce sounds
in decibel ranges that may cause hearing loss for
a normal person, even for exposure less than
a minute. The higher decibel ranges are offered
for those that may have already experienced
some hearing loss.
Sound can be deceiving. Over time your hearing
‘comfort level’ adapts to higher volumes of
sound. So after prolonged listening, what sounds
‘normal’ can actually be loud and harmful to
your hearing. To guard against this, set your
volume to a safe level before your hearing
adapts and leave it there.
To establish a safe volume level:
Set your volume control at a low setting.
Slowly increase the sound until you can hear it
comfortably and clearly, without distortion.
Listen for reasonable periods of time:
Prolonged exposure to sound, even at normally
‘safe’ levels, can also cause hearing loss.
Be sure to use your equipment reasonably and
take appropriate breaks.
Be sure to observe the following guidelines
when using your headphones.
Listen at reasonable volumes for reasonable
periods of time.
Be careful not to adjust the volume as your
hearing adapts.
Do not turn up the volume so high that you
can’t hear what’s around you.
You should use caution or temporarily
discontinue use in potentially hazardous
Do not use headphones while operating a
motorized vehicle, cycling, skateboarding, etc.; it
may create a traffic hazard and is illegal in many
Important safety
General maintenance
To avoid damage or malfunction:
Do not expose the product to excessive heat
caused by heating equipment or direct sunlight.
Do not drop the product or allow objects to
fall on your player.
Do not allow the product to be submerged
in water. Do not expose headphone socket
or battery compar tment to water, as water
entering the set may cause major damage.
Active mobile phones in the vicinity may cause
Back up your files. Ensure that you retain the
original files you have downloaded to your
device. Philips is not responsible for any loss of
data if the product becomes damaged or not
readable / legible.
Manage (transfer, delete, etc.) your music files
only with the supplied music software to avoid
Do not use any cleaning agents containing
alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives as
these may harm the product.
About operating and storage temperatures
Operate in a place where temperature is
always between 0 and 35ºC (32 to 95ºF)
Store in a place where temperature is
always between -20 and 45ºC (-4 to
113 º F ).
Battery life may be shortened in low
temperature conditions.
Replacement parts/accessories:
Visit to order
replacement parts/accessories.